New: our quick AI analysis. All start & scale-up founders go through different phases of their business. Many of them have a great business idea that grows quickly in a couple of months/years, but then the operational day-to-day workload becomes too much to keep focussing on strategic next steps and innovation. Having the right insights into your business at the right time becomes hard to maintain at those moments, but they are crucial to enable future growth as well as crucial to have ready for new investment rounds. For example, as a founder can you quantify:

  • What your customer base looks like?
  • What the loyalty of different customers is?
  • What the exact profitability of each of your products is?
  • What the profitability of different types of customers/members are?
  • What the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns are?
  • How do your variable and fixed costs impact your profitability?
  • What your average Customer Lifetime Value is like?
  • What your Customer Acquisition Costs are?
  • What your unit economics are for every order?

All these questions combine into a couple more high-level observations that we at Latitude see happening across start-ups and scale-ups in those challenging moments. We would love to help you tackle them and enable that growth!

Our AI analysis method

Our method is simple. With Latitude’s Pressure Cooker sessions we will deep-dive into every side of your business in 2 to 3 weeks. From operations, to finances, to marketing. You will get a clear overview of your unit economics and find key opportunities to improve your bottom- and top-line. Uncover hidden costs and create clear data-driven KPIs to help your operational managers to make sure your start & scale-up has the optimal growth potential. This all comes together with an advice on the state of your data and platform infrastructure as these are the key drivers to retain the insights created!

When you come out of the pressure cooker you will have concrete actionable pointers you can directly use needed to increase your operational & financial efficiency from a strategic point of view. Moreover you are now also ready to put your investor deck together and unlock the rapid growth potential!

If you want to know more you can read through our deck below and above all else: make sure to set up a 30-min quick personal introduction through our Calendly!