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Client and Challenge

Bindinc is a media company that connects viewers with content. By combining program information with its knowledge of viewers, they make programs more attractive, target specific audiences, and improve discoverability.

Bindinc has an in-depth understanding of viewers’ viewing behavior through their database which holds viewing data of more than 7 million viewers. This database is constantly growing by the choices that are made by their viewers every day. This allows Bindinc’s knowledge of video viewing in the Netherlands to continue to grow.

As media companies in the Netherlands struggle to gain the necessary insights in the streaming and Video On Demand (VOD) market, Bindinc saw itself as being in a unique place to develop and showcase these valuable insights into a dashboard.

the challenge:

The challenge was to rapidly develop an MVP that would effectively leverage Bindinc’s catalog data and panel data to give insightful information about the streaming market.


Bindinc was able to successfully launch an MVP in a short amount of time that could be validated with their prospects of the VOD insights dashboard. This was achieved by leveraging both catalog data and viewer panel data to create a dashboard which helps media companies get a quick overview about the current state of the Dutch streaming and VOD market.


The solution was a dashboard that was designed to be easy to use and provided valuable insights into the streaming market. The dashboard was created using the latest technology and was designed to be user-friendly and accessible.



The method used was agile product development, which allows Bindinc to quickly create an MVP that was able to meet their needs and provide valuable insights into the streaming market. This approach has been successful because it allows Bindinc to quickly validate their idea and ensure that their MVP was able to provide the desired insights in a user-friendly manner.

In conclusion — The rapid development approach used by Bindinc was successful in providing an MVP to prospects that gave valuable insights into the streaming market. The solution was a dashboard that was user-friendly and accessible, and was created using the latest technology.

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